Day 6: Growth

Today was HUGE.

Today, I did something I’ve never done before, and suddenly everything I’ve been learning about Man, and the Law, and what we’ve been made capable of fell into place.

Today, on my 5th workout of the week, with my muscles more sore than they’ve ever been, I successfully performed my first ever perfect leg-lower during the abs track. Without struggle and with muscles I didn’t know I had. This is something I see the others doing all the time. They do them over and over without stopping. I’m jealous and cynical when I see them in the mirror. And in the back of my mind I’ve always thought “my abs aren’t strong enough…not like them…and they never will be.”

I was wrong. Today it all clicked, what we’re capable of. Even me. And as I lay on my mat during the cooldown, I laughed and cried in exhilaration (as quietly as I could – exhilarated or not, I didn’t want the others to think I was nuts). I was in awe and sudden understanding. This was probably my first “religious experience.”

“God intended every individual to succeed,” Raymond Holliwell writes in Working with the Law. “The powers inherent in [man] are inexhaustible… Man is made for progress. Every man contains within himself the capacity for endless development. Advancement into all things is the Law’s great purpose.”

Now, not only do I believe it, but I have proof.

Have a wonderful, progressive weekend!

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