Day 30: This idea is FREEING

“Spirit is always for expansion and fuller expression.” – Thomas Troward

Dude. You know what this means? This means you never have to worry about not being enough. What you aren’t today, you can be tomorrow. Don’t cry that you’re not there today. It’s coming!

Suddenly, I see trying new things as a privilege instead of a requirement. I don’t have to do anything. And I realized that before, but when you learn something for the second time, you learn it through new eyes. Not because the material is different, but because you’re different. Learning is a robust experience, not just fact-gathering. When you open your mind to a new idea, it’s not just that idea that comes in. You don’t let one raindrop in. It’s a flood!

“Spirit (God) is always for (encouraging/supportive of) expansion (growth/increase) and fuller expression.” Isn’t that wonderful? Spirit/God/the Universe WANTS you to grow, experience, expand, express. When I think of this as the purpose of life, then heck yeah! Let’s do it! I’ll grow and increase. I’ll try new things. I’ll plant the seed and nurture it!

Suddenly, all the negativity, all the thoughts that say “if you were really any good, you’d already be there” is just laughable! The whole purpose of life is to improve. If you were just given the destination, you might as well die now. It’s done. But you’re not, you’re given the journey. That’s the fun part! Growing and learning and getting better at something…enjoy it. It’s a beautiful, exciting thing.

There’s truth to the old story of how the devil’s prized possession is discouragement. It’s so true. Discouragement prevents you from taking any action at all, and that sucks every potential good from your life. F%$# that! There’s no place here for discouragement. Spirit is always for expansion and fuller expression, so if all that means to you today is that you got out of bed and went for a walk, well good for you! Way to expand and express. Each day that you expand and express, even if it’s just the smallest little bit, you’re a success. Enjoy it. Soak it up. Give yourself a hug and a pat on the back. And look forward to doing more tomorrow.

I love this line so much. I hope you do, too.

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