Day 26: Relentless

I started the Bob Proctor Coaching program on May 11. That was 107 days ago, a little over 3 months. He said I’d need a telescope to look back, and I believe it, but I’m only 3 months in to the 13 month program. So I’m at the point where I’m really excited about what I’ve learned so far, and really looking forward to what’s coming up.

What I’m learning is you have to be relentless. Relentlessly positive. Relentlessly focused. Relentlessly active. Relentlessly self-encouraging.

(I’ve said relentless so much, I need to make sure I know the definition…  Ah, yes: “oppressively constant.“)

This is the only way to change a paradigm! To study over and over and over and over. I’m glad this program is 13 months long because it takes time and dedication to change your habits. It’s like eating – you have to do it every day. Yesterday’s nutrition doesn’t last today. You have to eat every day. And so you have to study every day. Nutrition for your mind and soul.

I admit, there were times in my past when the thought of having to “fight” my anxiety and depression every single day made me even more anxious and depressed. I was like, my work is never done??? Well…yes and no. I’m certainly not anxious or depressed anymore! But there are times that creep up, times when I’ve gone for a few days without nurturing myself and focusing on the good stuff, and I start to feel down again. It’s those old, bully paradigms trying to hold me down! Well, not today, sista!

So we knew this going in to this 30 day blog. I said “writing causes thinking,” and that “My main objective of blogging every day for 30 days is to create a constant stream of new thought in an attempt to improve myself and my results.”

Well. As you know, I didn’t write every day, but that’s my point – in this process I have learned that (1) it’s easy to get sidetracked with other things, and (2) when you do, it’s just as easy to start sliding back down Progress Hill. I was definitely getting down on myself the days after I didn’t blog. It wasn’t because I wasn’t writing – it was because I wasn’t thinking. I wasn’t relentless in my march toward a new paradigm.

Now, to be fair to myself, I was still reading, listening to audios, and attending Bob’s webinars. But listening without taking action is just not as powerful. The act of composing your thoughts with order…the act of stringing letters into words and words into sentences…the physical act of putting pen to paper, or in this case finger to keyboard – these are the actions that make a difference. I can feel the neurons in my brain firing up and fusing into new neural pathways as we speak, people!! My brain is getting so toned.

Be relentless. Every day. Nurture your mind. Do it, Amberla!

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